Scarlett Moffatt Responds To Claims She ‘Faked’ Her Claustropobia

The 26-year-old explains how her fear works

Scarlett Moffatt has hit back at those who accused her of ‘exaggerating’ her fear of small spaces.

The I’m A Celebrity winner was very vocal about her phobia while in the jungle, especially before being sealed into a small cave in her final Bushtucker Trial.

At the time, she told hosts Ant and Dec: ‘I can feel myself getting upset.

Scarlett Moffatt on I'm A Celebrity

Scarlett Moffatt final Bushtucker Trial saw her sealed in a small cave

‘But I feel if I can do this I might finally be able to go in lifts because I was on the 34th floor out here and I walked the stairs because I can’t stand small spaces.’

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However, fans couldn’t help noticing that the 26-year-old had previously posted quite a few lift selfies on her Instagram page. Hmm.

We never actually visit any places we just take a photo in the lift then go back home 😂 #boyfriend #lift #selfie

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T 👽 (@scarlett_moffatt) on

One wrote: ‘Starting to doubt Scarlett now I’ve seen how many lift selfies are on her Instagram #WhyYaLyingFor.’

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But Scarlett’s now explained herself, telling The Sun: ‘It’s not a lift phobia, it’s claustrophobia.

‘Claustrophobia is being scared of confined spaces. I haven’t got a fear of lifts, I’ve got a fear of not being able to see an escape.

I'm A Celebrity 2016 winner

Scarlett was named Queen of the Jungle on Sunday night

‘It’s not just lifts, it’s the same if there’s too many bubbles in the bath. I can’t put my head under the water as if I opened my eyes I couldn’t see a way out.

‘Or I can’t go in a small room without a window, or even a big one. It’s more I like to be able to see how I can escape. I don’t know why my brain works like that.’

Well, we never doubted Scarlett’s fear – and we hope that her experience in camp has helped her conquer it.