Did You Know *This* About Gogglebox’s Moffatt Family?

We all love the Moffatts on Gogglebox, right? There’s stand-out star Scarlett, as well as her parents Mark and Betty.

The family are regulars on the hit Channel 4 show, and are best-known for Scarlett’s on-point observations and hilar one-liners.

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The Moffatt family actually has four members. Ooh



But did you know there’s actually ANOTHER Moffatt out there?!

Yep. Mark and Betty have a younger daughter, a nine-year-old named Grace. So why is she never seen on that famous sofa? Well, it turns out, she just wasn’t interested.

Scarlett, 25, reveals to Now: ‘She’s called Grace and is only nine-years-old. We asked her to join and she said no!

Scarlett Moffatt has opened up about her little sister


‘She’d 100% outshine me if she did. She’s sarcastic, dead funny and proper cute. It wouldn’t be good for my street cred to be losing arguments with her.’

Aw. But Grace doesn’t stay entirely out of the spotlight. In fact, she often pops up on her big sister’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

…and this is the mini Moffatt!


Just two weeks ago, Scarlett shared a montage of herself and Grace watching the Little Mix girls perform on their Get Weird tour.

And she’s previously shared snaps of them enjoying cute sister-to-sister days out.

Scarlett Moffatt says her sister could ‘100% outshine her’


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So where is Grace when the rest of the Moffatts are filming?

Scarlett Moffatt is clearly very close to her little sister


As Scarlett explains: ‘She’ll either be in bed or sit with the crew in another room. She’ll help them move cameras and stuff – basically she’s working production and starting early.’

Lolz. If she’s funnier than Scarlett, we can only hope she’ll agree to sign up when she’s a little older…