Why I’m A Celebrity’s Scarlett Moffatt Might Not Be In As Many Trials

Scarlett Moffatt's medical condition has been revealed, and it turns out she won't be able to participate in some of the I'm a Celebrity challenges because of it :(

She’s been hotly tipped as this year’s Queen of the Aussie outback.

We’re of course referring to the ridiculously funny Scarlett Moffatt, champion of the one liners. Current thoughts?

However, whilst we can’t get enough of Scarlett, fans could be in for a massive disappointment- as a recent revelation has alluded to the possibility of Scarlett being unable to partake in the Jungle activities due to a pretty shocking medical condition.

Scarlett has in fact been ruled out from partaking in some of the more high intensity challenges (E.g: Joel’s rather petrifying Total Ascent challenge last night), due to suffering from facial paralysis.

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It turns out that Scarlett has suffered with the condition, which causes partial paralysis on one side of the face, ever since being struck down with Bell’s palsy as a younger child.

Scarlett has previously spoken about this in her autobiography, sharing that during her years of dancing, she was performing for her mum and dad ‘when all of a sudden, my mouth just drooped and I remember standing in front of the mirror and just screaming’.

Scarlett continues, ‘My eye dropped, I couldn’t speak properly, I got all slurred, and my mum and dad thought I was putting it on. I was screaming so loud to try to get my mouth to go straight. I burst into tears and then they realised. It was awful.’

Oh Moffatt 🙁

It sounds utterly terrifying.

However, the Gogglebox lady has refused to let the condition get her down- explaining, ‘I can’t close my left eye properly. I have to sleep with a little eye mask and my mouth still goes to the side when I talk, although people don’t really notice’.

‘Sometimes if I’m tired, my left eye feels a little bit twitchy, but I don’t get pain or slur my words. I don’t feel sorry for myself, as there are so many worse afflictions people can get’.

Although we might not get to see you in as many challenges as we’d have liked, you sure as hell are one strong lady Scarlett!

Alice Perry