Scarlett Moffatt’s Dad Has An Issue With THAT Larry Lamb Scene…

'I thought: "He's making me redundant"'

We all remember that adorable moment between Scarlett Moffatt and Larry Lamb on I’m A Celebrity.

Just after the contestants had entered the jungle, 26-year-old Scarlett broke down in tears over the pressure of camp life.

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Larry Lamb and Scarlett Moffatt

Larry Lamb comforted Scarlett Moffatt when they first entered camp

Ex-EastEnders actor Larry, 69, was president at the time, so Scarlett ended up crying on his shoulder. She even climbed onto his lap for a cuddle. Aw.

Fast-forward three weeks and Scarlett is now Queen of the Jungle, but her dad Mark hasn’t forgotten that scene.

During last night’s spin-off show Coming Out, the Gogglebox star joked: ‘When she sat on his knee and give her a cuddle, I thought: “He’s making me redundant here!”

scarlett moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt and her dad Mark appear on Gogglebox together

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LOLz. Scarlett and Larry developed a firm friendship from their first day on the programme, after they took part in a canoeing challenge together.

They had to paddle across a lake to reach a pontoon, collecting a flag on the way which they had to successfully plant.

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. It wasn’t long until both canoes started filling with water, causing them to sink. We mean, this was all part and parcel of the task, but it didn’t make it any less funny.

Larry Lamb and Scarlett Moffatt on I'm A Celebrity

Larry Lamb and Scarlett Moffatt developed a friendship on I’m A Celebrity

Larry managed to swim his way across, but poor Scarlett – who’d been complaining that her fake tan was washing off – was unable to follow.

However, Larry was determined not to leave his teammate behind and promptly headed back to ‘save’ her and get her to safety.

Ah, it all feels so long ago…