Scarlett Moffatt Makes A Heartbreaking Admission About Being Bullied

We can't believe the reality star went through this :( But we're pleased to see her doing so well in the I'm A Celebrity jungle...

We loved her on Gogglebox, we’re loving her on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – it’s safe to say the UK love Scarlett Moffatt.

Despite her loveable character, Scarlett has shared her past experiences with bullies.

She revealed that at school she was targeted because of her appearance. And it makes us really, really sad.

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The 26-year-old admitted to The Sun, ‘I think it was the monobrow, and teeth that could chew an apple through a letterbox.

‘I was really ugly, I was really weird and I believed in aliens. Even as a kid when I was 11 or 12, I wasn’t like the other kids in the school – I still wore my hair in pigtails. No wonder I got picked on.’

She also spoke of the traffic accident that resulted in damaging her teeth, saying, ‘I was on my bike when I was 11 and a car hit me. The nerves had gone, so I had black teeth at the front.’



We all know how bullying can really effect those victim to it, and we’re pleased that Scarlett’s ordeal helped her develop a shining sense of humour.

She had us in stitches in last night’s episode of I’m A Celeb, where viewers saw Scarlett take part in the Tomb of Terror trial.

While a million little critters were crawling all over Scarlett and her team-mates – she found comfort in wishing for a chicken kebab.

Scarlett revealed her bullying came to an end after a change in schools at the age of 14, which gave her a fresh start.

She admitted, ‘I knew I had to make friends.

‘Once I moved schools and puberty hit over the six-weeks holiday, all of a sudden I got boobs, my mam let me wax my eyebrows and I went and got my hair done. I just had this newfound confidence.’



She said: ‘Being bullied made me realise that people will like you or not like you anyway, so you might as well be yourself and say exactly what you think.’

Needless to say, Scarlett has hit back at the bullies in the best way. Her razor-sharp wit has landed her a space in I’m A Celeb, has helped her produce a bestselling book and she’s also released a workout DVD after transforming her body-confidence.

We’re glad Scarlett has made the best of her bad bullying situation – and look how far she’s come. Go on gal!

By Catherine Delves