Scarlett Moffatt Hits Back After ‘Meal Ticket’ Rumours About Boyfriend Luke

After apparently dumping her boyfriend over fears he was after her money, Scarlett Moffatt takes to Instagram to show they're very much together

Just a few days ago, it looked like Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt had ended things with her boyfriend Luke Crodden. Scarlett, who moved in with Luke at the end of June, apparently dumped him over concerns he was only after her money. Um, say what?!

The drama started when Scarlett allegedly tracked down an ex of Luke’s on Facebook to ask her if some things she’d been told about her boyfriend were true. The unnamed ex then gave screenshots of the messages she claims are from Scarlett to The Sun.

“I’ve heard a few bad shizz about someone’s past [and] needed to try and find out the craic,” reads the first message, which appears to be from Scarlett. In another message, she says she was “fobbed off into believing Luke had money and owned a home in London” and that her “friends and family are worried I’m just a meal ticket”.

When you can't sleep so you go on a ghost walk on a Saturday night ???

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Talking to The Sun, the ex claims Luke owes her money, and the Facebook conversation seems to end with Scarlett saying she’s dumped him. Eep. According to the ex, she talked to Scarlett for over an hour on the phone and told her about her own month-long relationship with Luke. She also claims he used her debit card to pay off his debts.

Scarlett’s Instagram tells a different story, though. Over the weekend, she posted a picture of the pair together, simply writing a heart-eyed emoji and #boyfriend underneath.

@lukecrodden ? #boyfriend

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Scarlett hasn’t mentioned the rumours directly, but she has retweeted an article that suggests she’s sending a message that everything is fine between her and Luke.

It’s been a whirlwind romance for the pair, who are thought to have got together in January. They moved in to their own place in Newcastle in June, and Scarlett’s previously said that she wants him to appear on Gogglebox with her.

Looks like that plan is still on – it doesn’t look like there’s any trouble in paradise for these two.