Scarlett Moffatt Hits Back At Comments About Her Weight

Scarlett Moffatt will not take body shaming lightly.

The Gogglebox lady, 25, took to Twitter yesterday after discovering she’d become the subject of less-than-complimentary column.

This came after Scarlett had opened up about her weight, revealing that she’d been tested for diabetes as doctors had warned her BMI was in the ‘danger zone’ for developing the disease.

Scarlett Moffatt appears on Gogglebox with her mum Betty and dad Mark


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In his piece for The Sun, the controversial journalist wrote: ‘You will have seen a lot of Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt of late. And there is plenty to see.

‘It appears Ms Moffatt has not only sat on the tuffet but eaten it as well.


‘Ms Moffatt reveals that the doc also said her BMI was too high. He didn’t have the courage to mention her BMB – Bloody Massive Bum.

‘Although Ms Moffatt probably hasn’t enough brains to keep her bottom cheeks apart, she has done all young women a favour by warning about the threat of diabetes.’

As expected, the column stirred quite a bit of anger over on Twitter. One Tweeter wrote: ‘Oh how lovely. Another vile old man thinks it’s his duty to make a woman’s body his business. Disgusting.’

Scarlett Moffatt revealed last week that she’d been tested for diabetes


Another said: ‘Well done for setting us back a few decades in terms of body shaming. Shame on you!’

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Others sent their support to Scarlett, with messages including: ‘You are a bright shining light,’ and: ‘You’re an absolute babe.’

Scarlett Moffatt received plenty of supportive messages from fans


Even her Gogglebox co-star Rev Kate Bottley had her say, writing: ‘@ScarlettMoffatt is not fat & even if she was it’s nothing to do with anyone else, her body, her business.’

But Scarlett isn’t letting anything get her down, Tweeting: ‘Thanks everyone for all the amazing tweets. Don’t worry I’m a tough cookie. Lovely to know people care X.’

Gogglebox’s Rev Kate Bottley had her say. Picture: @revkatebottley


In response to Kate, she said: ‘Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate xx.’

Lolz. We think we might have to steal that one, lady.