Gogglebox Isn’t The First Programme Scarlett Moffatt’s Been On…

The 25-year-old has actually appeared on another reality show - and she had a *very* recognisable cast mate...

We all love Scarlett Moffatt on Gogglebox, what with her hilarious anecdotes, witty commentary and open personality.

But did you know that the 25-year-old actually appeared on her screens before she and her family signed up for the Channel 4 show?!

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Scarlett Moffatt Beauty School Cop Outs2

Scarlett Moffatt was 22 when she appeared on Beauty School Cop outs

Yep. Back in 2013, she was a contestant on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs, which followed British and Irish youngsters as they moved to a beauty school in Manchester to learn the tricks of the trade.

Aside from their time at the academy, the group were also filmed living and partying together, which is where things got really interesting.

Why’s this? Because Scarlett wasn’t the only now-famous face on the programme – she was joined by ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jeremy McConnell. Ooh.

Scarlett Moffatt Beauty School Cop Outs

Jeremy McConnell was also a contestant on the show

In fact, they actually enjoyed a bit of a dalliance. On the very first episode, Scarlett was seen calling the Irish model, 26, ‘the sexiest leprechaun [she’s] ever seen’ before kissing him in a drinking game.

However, things didn’t end well between them. Their relationship soured, before they both moved on to other Beauty Schoolers.

Scarlett Moffatt Beauty School Cop Outs

Scarlett Moffatt had a smooch with Jeremy McConnell

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It’s safe to say that Scarlett’s life has changed quite a bit since those days. As well as being a Gogglebox favourite, she’s also loved-up with new boyfriend Luke Crodden.

The pair have been dating since around April, and she recently revealed that he’d had the letter S inked permanently on his arm. Aw.

Scarlett moffatt gogglebox boyfriend

Scarlett is now dating Luke Crodden

She captioned an Instagram snap of the etching: ‘His full of surprises… Might not be conventiallly romantic but we both knew we love each other when we were sat giggling at conspiracy theories watching Bottom, hence the S in Bottom font.

‘I’d never felt so content at they precise moment in all my life ? Love you @lukecrodden [sic].’

Cute, eh?