We Can’t Get Over This Old Picture Of The X Factor’s Scarlett Lee

The singer once looked very different...

If you’ve been watching The X Factor, you’ll probably have developed a bit of a soft spot for Scarlett Lee.

The 20-year-old singer impressed the judges in the first few rounds of the ITV1 show, but her journey came to an end in the Six Chair Challenge last weekend. Sad face 😢.

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Scarlett Lee on The X Factor

Scarlett Lee didn’t make it through the Six Chair Challenge at the weekend

But while viewers were full of praise for Scarlett’s vocal talents, that wasn’t the only thing she was noted for.

They also couldn’t help commenting on her unique beauty look, with the make-up artist favouring bold brows, super-long lashes and heavily-lined lips.

One tweeted: ‘Yikes! That’s so much orange make up. Hiding her lovely face,’ while another wrote: ‘Scarlett on X factor needs to tone downnnn the hair and make up but she is sickkkkkk #xfactor2017 [sic].’

Scarlett Lee on The X Factor

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Eep. While we think Scar’ can style herself however she likes, we are pretty surprised by a photo that’s emerged of her pre-X Factor look.

The image allegedly shows Scarlett aged 13, looking like a completely different person with a foundation-free face and straight locks. It was shared on Twitter, where the caption read: ‘Hard to believe it’s the same girl #XFactor.’

Luckily, Scarlett doesn’t seem too bothered by the comments on her appearance. She’s told The Sun: ‘The response has made me laugh, it’s so funny. I’ve just been saying: “Orange is my favourite colour,” and: “I love oranges”. I’d rather people pick on me as a person than be nasty about everything else.

‘You can’t go onto The X Factor and think you’re perfect and think everything will go right.

‘I never had tan on. I am genuinely dark, but the cameras made me look so much darker then what I actually was. I went and bought make-up and foundation for the TV and it just went horribly wrong. It made me look even darker.’

Aw. We’re gonna miss you, lady!