Scarlett Johansson Got Paid HOW MUCH For Avengers?!

There’s a lot of talk about the gender pay gap in Hollywood at the moment, and rightly so. After it came to light that Jennifer Lawrence was being paid way less than her male co-stars for her role in American Hustle, the blatant inequality between men and women in the film industry has since been the talk of the town, with many other stars coming forward to reveal the same, bias treatment.

However, one actress who definitely got hers is Scarlett Johansson, who was paid a HUGE sum for the latest Avengers film, in which she reprised her role as Black Widow.

Of course, in the film she stars alongside Robert Downey Jr, who is currently the highest paid actor in the biz. For his part in the franchise, he took home a whopping $40 MILLION. Not bad, huh? And what about Scar-Jo? Well, she took home a cool $20M for her efforts.


Ok, so in comparison Scarlett was paid quite a bit less than Robert BUT, when you look at her pay packet against some of the other actors with seriously high profile roles in the film, the stats look all the more encouraging.

It has been revealed that Chris Evans was paid $6.9 million to play Captain America; Jeremy Renner was paid $6.1 million to portray Hawkeye; Chris Hemsworth was paid $5.4 million as Thor; and Mark Ruffalo $2.8 million. So yep, Scarlett certainly came out on top on this one.

Let’s hope this kind of news is the stuff we hear more of from here on out.