See The Most Awks Saturday Night Takeaway Moment

Miss Saturday Night Takeaway at the weekend? You missed THE most awkward telly moment of the year so far.

As you probably know, the Win The Ads segment comes on just before the end of the show, giving members of the audience the chance to nab prizes by answering a few questions.

So after hosts Ant and Dec introduced the game on Saturday, the famous pointing finger zoomed across the audience before stopping on one lucky person.

> The pointing finger was launched into the audience…


But unfortunately, there was a bit of confusion as to who had actually been picked. Eeeeek.

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Clearly misreading where the hand had stopped, one woman ecstatically leaped off her seat and started jumping up and down.

> This woman mistakenly thought she’d been chosen. Eek


TBH, we don’t blame her for being so thrilled. She thought she was about to compete for some pretty amazing goodies, including a not-too-shabby £10,000 cash prize.

However, it was actually the lady behind who’d been chosen. Cue the most insane amount of awkwardness the world has ever seen.

The woman’s face flushed red as she realised her celebrations were all for nothing, with Ant telling her: ‘Bit of confusion there… sorry love, it was one behind you!’

> Ant and Dec kept smiling through the cringe. Impressive


In her defence, she seemed to take the disappointment fairly well. But as expected, Twitter had something to say about the sitch.

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Some were sympathetic, with messages including: ‘Feel so sorry for the woman who thought she had the chance to win the ads,’ and: ‘Let’s all spare a moment for this poor woman pls.’

> It was actually *this* woman who’d been picked


Others just seemed to find it flippin’ hilarious. One viewer simply wrote: ‘Hahahahahahahahahahaha,’ while another said: ‘couldn’t help but giggle #worstnightofherlife.’

Gah. Petition to let her play next week, anyone?! Watch the whole scenario play out below…