13 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re The Sassy Friend

1. You’re known as the one without a filter 

If someone in your friendship group is looking for some stark honesty, your number is the one they’ll be dialling. 

Whether it’s an outfit review or a real viewpoint on a relationship, you’ll be called up for duty. 

And love it. 

2. Your friends know they can always count on you to have their back


Without fail. 

3. Your friends think you’re street-smart


Because, your no-fluff attitude has built you up to seem like a total boss. 

4. You’re the life and soul of the party 


And probably the top of most people’s invite list. 

5. You’re always in the thick of it when things start to get REAL


And your opponent just doesn’t know what they’re in for. Gulp. 

6. Your face is just too expressive


…And it probably gets you in trouble a lot. 

But you don’t care, because, sass. 

7. You don’t have the most friends


But the ones you do have are the realest.

Quality over quantity. 

8. Your friends won’t ever try and talk you into doing anything


They know that some battles just aren’t worth fighting.

And your sass levels are just too much. 

9. You have the best one liners


Pearls of wisdom are your thing.

Your friends may as well just call you Oprah. 

10. You’re the best at throwing shade


Taylor Swift and her Bad Blood haven’t got anything on you. 

11. You’re pretty opinionated 


And aren’t afraid to show it, either.

But it’s just one of the things your friends value about you. 

12. Your friends all laugh at your commentary about recent life events 


But you’re actually being deadly serious. 

13. Dating can be hard


Because you might end up scaring the other person away with all of the sass.

But it doesn’t matter, because your friends love you just the way you are.