Coronation Street’s Sarah-Louise Causes A Stir On Twitter

Did you notice anything a teeny bit unexpected about Sarah-Louise Platt on Coronation Street last night?!

If you didn’t, let the people of Twitter help you out. Because the site was full of speculation about 32-year-old actress Tina O’Brien while the ITV soap was on air.

Corrie fans will know that Sarah’s teenage daughter Bethany has recently been at the centre of an unpleasant bullying plot.

> Bethany Platt has been at the centre of a bullying storyline


So yesterday, the devoted mum decided to do something about it. After finding out about Bethany’s ordeal at the hands of her classmate Lauren, Sarah stormed over to the perpetrator’s house.

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We saw the character confront both Bethany’s playground nemesis and her mum, angrily waving her finger around as she did so.

> People really *couldn’t* stop talking about this finger…


It was actually this action that got people talking. Because, er, apparently, her digit is a little bit on the bendy side. Riiight.

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Comments included: ‘Sarah Louise have a rubber finger?’ ‘what the heck was going off with Sarah’s crooked pointy finger tonight?’ and ‘kinda scared of Sarah’s weird shaped finger when she was pointing at that mum [sic].’

However, others were quick to praise the way the scene had been written, as well as Tina’s acting skills.

> Tina O’Brien was praised for her acting skills


One viewer wrote: ‘@tinaob last night on corrie was amazing. The way Sarah went round that Lauren’s house. Thats exactly what my mom did when i was bullied,’ while another simply said: ‘Yesss sarah!!’

It sounds like Tina will soon be shooting more difficult scenes, Tweeting earlier today: ‘Sarah has some tough days coming up, makeup department won’t even allow me Mascara or foundation. sorry if my face scares you.’

After her amazing work last night, we’re excited to see how this one pans out. Bendy finger and all.