Sarah Parish Opens Up About Losing Her Baby Daughter

Sarah Parish has opened up about losing her baby daughter in 2009.

The Cutting It actress, 48, and her husband James Murray welcomed little Ella-Jayne in May 2008, but heartbreakingly, she died from a heart defect just eight months later.

Sarah and James, 41, have since set up the Murray Parish Trust. The charity raises money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton, where Ella-Jayne was treated throughout her life.


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Sarah explains to OK!: ‘When you go through something as a traumatic as what we went through, you want to give something back.

‘You don’t want it to have happened all for nothing. The Murray Parish Trust is helping to keep her memory alive for us.’

Sarah Parish and James Murray married in 2007


James adds: ‘There’s a lot of tragedy and sadness but if we can harness that and put it into doing something good, this really helps with the grieving process.’

It was while Sarah was pregnant that doctors told her her baby had a hole in her heart. Ella-Jayne was born five weeks prematurely and spent the next four months in intensive care.

Sarah continues: ‘It is terrifying when you have a baby and she is taken away ill. You were expecting cards and balloons and suddenly you are dropped into a nightmare.


‘She had an oomph of energy in the way people do before they die. Then she died on 3 January 2009 – she fell asleep and didn’t wake up.’

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The couple are now parents to second daughter Nell, who was born in November 2009. But of course, Ella-Jayne is still a huge part of their lives.


Sarah says: ‘Every year I write her a birthday card and keep it for us. There are sad days but also happy days.

‘We have a lot to be thankful for.’