Sam Thompson Reveals What Happened During His ‘Break’ With Tiff Watson

Where are the Made In Chelsea stars at now in their relationship?

At the end of the last series of Made In Chelsea, we saw Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson admit they were going on a Ross and Rachel-style ‘break’ over summer.

Now, with new series MIC: Ibiza just around the corner, Sam has opened up to MailOnline about how the split has really gone over the past couple of months.

‘It’s been f***ing hard being on this break from Tiff,’ the 24-year-old admits. ‘We have never done a break before. It was the right thing to do though. It’s been eye-opening.

Sam Tiffany

‘It’s easier to say we’re going to take a break than to actually do it. It’s a bit horrible. But – I haven’t been sitting around or crying into a pillow.’

He continued candidly: ‘I’m on a break. Am I going to be twiddling my thumbs? No.’

Uh-oh, what has he been up to during his summer in Ibiza?

Addressing the semi-permanent break-up seriously, Sam confessed that it had changed him.

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson are back together again. Yay!

He says: ‘I have thought a lot about myself, and it’s been a journey. I’m different as a single person and as a person in a relationship – and this break has changed me too.

‘There have been times with Tiff that I’ve been dependent and childish. She doesn’t deserve that from a boyfriend. Being independent from each other for a bit is important – but is it a good thing?’

It’s looking like the upcoming series could be the most explosive one yet.

Ibiza—completed. Dave and I soaking up the last rays of our trip 👌🏻

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Famous ‘pardy’ boy Jamie Laing has also spoken about the new season, revealing: ‘There are potentially a few break-ups. A lot of interesting things have happened. A lot of people doing things they shouldn’t be doing. There’s been some heartache!’

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Harry Baron has also promised that there will be more drama than ever: ‘Last year there was a lot of drama, but expect worse. There’s been a love triangle. It’s been exciting but funny too.’

Great to be back and brunching with my boy @samthompsonuk ✌🏼🇬🇧🥂🍾

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We can’t wait!

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Made In Chelsea: Ibiza kicks off on 31 July on E4.

By Emily Jefferies