Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson And Tiffany Watson ‘Split’ For Summer

'We are together at the moment, but we’ve scheduled in a break...'

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson haven’t exactly had the smoothest ride, but they’ve certainly become one of our favourite couples on Made In Chelsea. 

The reality TV stars first started dating back in 2014, but have fallen out a number of times.

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Recently, though, they’ve seemed pretty strong, which is why we were surprised to hear the news that they’ve decided to ‘split’, even if temporarily.

According to OK!, the pair discussed their mutual decision on Made In Chelsea’s End of Season show.

Sam Thompson told host Rick Edwards: ‘We’re kind of going on a summer break.’

Tiffany added: ‘We are together at the moment, but we’ve scheduled in a break.’

The on/off couple seem to be adamant that the ‘break’ doesn’t mark the end of their relationship which, according to them, still holds marriage and children in the future.

Sam continued, ‘I want to marry Tiff, I know I’m going to have kids with her. I’m just very aware of how young I am…’

Tiffany, whose older sister Lucy Watson walked away from the show last year, explained: ‘I want to go on holiday with my friends, I want to do my own thing for a bit.’

It seems as though the pair have agreed that they can ‘get with’ other people, but added that certain things would be off limits. Tiff said: ‘Friends are obviously [banned].

‘If I found out Sam got with Olivia [Bentley] I wouldn’t be best pleased. If it’s a random girl in Ibiza, I wouldn’t care.’

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Sam’s big sis’ Louise Thompson had something to say on the subject, reportedly adding: ‘I think they are very brave, but they’ve had a lot of time to think about this decision.

‘I obviously live with Sam, I spend a lot of time with Tiff. We’ve become so close.’

Viewers seem to be divided by the news, with one of Tiffany’s followers seemingly branding it ‘weird’.

Another wrote: ‘Can sense alot of drama and fall out from this agreed break [sic]’. Hmm.

Here’s hoping that it all works out.