Sam Smith Sends A Message To Homophobic Trolls

Sam Smith has taken to Instagram to shed light on an important issue. 

The singer/songwriter shared a screenshot of an Instagram account that has been created with the sole intention of trolling him. The account, that has the username GaySamSmith, has a hateful bio which include the words: “he is gay, but that’s ok, we can all make fun of him.” 

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The Lay Me Down singer accompanied the photograph with the statement: “This genuinely doesn’t offend me, coz I’m way too tick skinned when it comes to this kind of s***. BUT I just wanted to share this with everyone, so you can see how homophobia is still SO PRESENT in our society!!”

There’s no denying that Sam has a very powerful, and very beautiful, voice. And it’s amazing to see that he’s also using that to speak about such an important equality issue. 

Sam’s Instagram account has 4.5 million followers, which shows just the beginning of his ever-growing fan base. 

Sam shared the moment he met Elton John, saying: “Yesterday was so magical. To be performing before this LEGEND was unreal. Love you Elton!! Loveliest man, your advice and kindness will stay with me forever!! Your set was KILLER xx”


His statement has racked up over 80 thousand likes to date, and many of his loyal followers have taken to the comments to share their disgust at the nasty trolling account. 

One user wrote: ‘I don’t like this, people can be what they want and who they want @samsmithworld I love you so much forget the haters people have to much jealousy…’ 

And another said: ‘Oh what a sad individual. @samsmithworld I was always taught to pity the bullies… Rise above it! One day we may live in a word totally free of homophobic idiots!’

Sam recently visited his new waxwork at Madame Tussauds


It’s not the first time that Sam has spoken out about the issue of homophobia, recalling his earlier experiences of being bullied at school.

He revealed how he finally silenced his haters, saying: “‘I came out at the end of year seven when I was 11. That shut a lot of the bullies up. I also made friends with some really nice girls and was singing. I’d like to think I was a nice person and people respected me at my school.”

Well. We certainly respect your courage, Sam… 

By Laura Jane Turner