Sam Reece Throws Some Subtle Shade As He Tweets About Celebrity Big Brother

The model used to date a former CBB star. And he can relate to what's been going down on the current series...

There’s been one storyline that has been dominating this series of Celebrity Big Brother, and that’s the flirtation that appears to have gone down between Nicola McLean and Jamie O’Hara.

The drunken moment in question saw them cuddling up to one another in the smoking area, before Jamie offered to help her change into her PJs.

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This caused quite a bit of controversy with viewers, largely due to the fact that Nicola is married to one of Jamie’s footballer pals, Tom Williams.

Although nothing happened (aside from a kiss on the cheek) between the pair, one person who might think that he knows how Tom could have felt as he watched the events from his sofa, is model and TV personality Sam Reece.

The 24-year-old was dating Stephanie Davis when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house a year ago, only to watch her flirt up a storm with fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell.

Stephanie Davis grew very close to Jeremy McConnell on Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis grew very close to Jeremy McConnell on Celebrity Big Brother

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As he tuned in to Channel 5 to watch the current series of the reality gameshow, Sam tweeted what’s been assumed to be a sly dig at his ex.

The cheeky chappy wrote: ‘Someone else gone in CBB and forgets about her fella on the outside’.


Many of his followers rushed to agree, with replies including: ‘must be something in the water in there

Others, however, decided to criticise the model for his words, with many accusing him of saying it ‘for the likes’.

Nicola McLean’s husband broke his silence this week, hitting back at the Channel 5 show after the episode aired.

Well, Big Brother does always get a little controversial on social media…