Fans Praise Love Island’s Sam and Georgia After Their Appearance On Aftersun

Despite being voted out of the villa by the public, it looks like these two have a pretty strong fan base...

During last night’s Love Island: Aftersun we were treated to appearances from not one, not two, but THREE former island couples.

And not only were we entertained by the awkwardness of Tyla confronting Mike about that leaked voice note and Montana and Alex’s reaction to that message from Gabby to Marcel, but we got to see what happened with the adorable Sam and Georgia after they left the villa.

Seriously, it wasn’t one to miss.

Caroline: "What's your relationship status?" Sam: "Complicated" πŸ˜‚ #LoveIslandAftersun

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The couple seemed happy with the way things were progressing, having already met each others’ mums.

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The pair even hinted they had got pretty close since leaving the island…

When Caroline asked: ‘What base have you got to?’ Sam seemed pretty proud as he boasted: ‘I’ve hit a home run.’

Georgia looked a bit more coy, as she nervously stumbled over her words: ‘I mean, we’ve had…erm…’

‘We’ve just got a bit close,’ Sam clarified.

But when addressing where they were at in their relationship, Sam defined it as ‘complicated’ and didn’t seem thrilled at the encouragement from Caroline and the audience to make things official there and then: ‘It’s too early to say – we’ll leave it at that.’

‘He basically wants to but he’s too nervous,’ Georgia revealed.

Despite this slight awkwardness, viewers were still completely wowed by the couple with many suggesting that – had they been on the show for longer – they would have definitely won.

‘@georgiaharisonx @SamGowland12 on #aftersun If Georgia had been coupled with Sam from start bet they would have been in final #LoveIsland [sic],’ tweeted one fan, while another asked: ‘Can Sam come back to the island for the 3rd time with Georgia and win it x #LoveIsland’ [sic].

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‘Absolutely love Sam and Georgia, they’re the double of each other and they’re so genuine #loveislandaftersun,’ one viewer praised, and another agreed: ‘actually can’t get enough of Sam and Georgia! they’re so cute!! [sic]’.

Aww, we absolutely adore them too.

Here’s hoping that we see them on our screens again soon.

And fingers crossed that these two have found their happy ever after…

By Emily Jefferies