Sam Fox Breaks Down Over Chloe Khan’s Celebrity Big Brother Antics

The ex-Page 3 girl got upset after being compared to her housemate...

It’s safe to say things are getting pretty tense on Celebrity Big Brother.

On last night’s episode, we saw Sam Fox break down after being compared to housemate Chloe Khan, who’d been pole dancing topless.

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chloe khan

Sam Fox isn’t impressed with Chloe Khan

The ex-Page 3 girl was also upset by the behaviour of Stephen Bear, Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson, saying: ‘They’re just so selfish.

‘It makes you very tense, seeing [Chloe] swinging around that pole topless – that ain’t a glamour model. My pictures weren’t sold on the top shelves, my pictures were in a family newspaper.’

So how did this all begin? Well, Chloe decided to show Lewis, Bear and Marnie her dancing skills after a night of heavy drinking. However, she wanted to make sure it was a memorable performance.

chloe bear

Chloe has already hooked up with Bear in the CBB house

She went topless for her pals, shouting: ‘You know you want it!’ Crikey.

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It was actually Heavy D who angered Sam first, after he told her that she was responsible for Chloe’s racy antics. He said: ‘Sam, you started this in 1986,’ before adding: ‘I’m only joking.’

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor

Sam Fox is also unhappy with Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson

The 50-year-old hit back: ‘Don’t go there mate, mine was art.’

It wasn’t just Sam who was unimpressed with Chloe’s raunchy display. Tweets from viewers included: ‘Chloe on CBB is an absolute embarrassment,’ and: ‘Chloe is embarrassing to watch, have some class ya mess.’

According to the Daily Star, she’s even received death threats. Which, BTW, we think is totally unacceptable.

Chloe Khan 'Celebrity Big Brother'

But Sam isn’t in the clear either. As one fan wrote on Twitter: ‘OMG @SamFoxCom is crying because Chloe went topless, this woman made her living getting her t*** out for the lads. Unbelievable.’

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