Sam Faiers On Why She’s Doing The Baby Diaries 2

Samantha Faiers is returning to ITVBe for another series of The Baby Diaries.

It’s great news for fans of the TOWIE star, who were allowed a peek inside Sam’s life as a new mum last year. But for all the praise the reality series received, it also drummed up a little controversy due to the way Sam’s boyfriend, Paul, behaved.

At the time, Twitter was flooded with comments every week accusing Paul of being ‘lazy’ and ‘controlling’. And then there was that scene showing him and his mother sharing a kiss on the lips…

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sam faiers the baby diaries


So, why did Sam decide to go for another series? Well, she’s opened up to Now.

‘There might have been ten or so negative comments, but the feedback I had from everyone out and about was so positive and they were asking me to do another’, Sam said to explain her decision.

She then added that partner Paul is ‘not going to be in it as much’ this time round. Hmm.

sam faiers the baby diaries Sam’s partner Paul raised eyebrows over *this* kiss on the lips with his mum…


When asked about that kiss with his mother (that Twitter viewers found a little uncomfortable), Sam replied by saying she didn’t see what the big deal was.

‘We laugh at what people said about the kiss because they made it sound different to what it was’, she said.

‘Afterwards we laughed about it. There was, like, a week where I was just inundated with questions from the press. It was the highest viewed show on ITVBe ever – it beat TOWIE!’

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sam faiers the baby diaries


The mum-of-one went on to say that she felt that the only reason why people criticised her and Paul’s relationship was because they looked happy.

‘If you’re happy, people will always want to rip you to pieces and that’s it’, she said.

sam faiers the baby diaries


Sam also previously mentioned that she didn’t like that people were referring to her son as Baby Paul Tony whilst the series was airing. 

And her opinion definitely hasn’t changed. ‘Everyone called him Paul Tony. I said: “Please don’t call him Paul Tony – I’m not Samantha Elizabeth.”‘

Baby Paul it is, then!