Sam Faiers Claps Back At Criticism Of Baby Paul’s Spanish Lessons

The doting mama is keen for her nine-month-old son to pick up a second language...

It’s official. We’re completely obsessed with Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries.

The ITVBe show gives us a glimpse into the 25-year-old’s life with partner Paul Knightley and nine-month-old son Paul Jr.

Sam comes across as a real and doting mama, who’s clearly keen to ensure her little boy gets the best start in life.

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But unfortunately for the ex-TOWIE star, not everyone has been so kind about some of her parenting choices.

On last night’s episode, we saw Sam reveal that she’s trying to teach baby Paul some Spanish.

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She explained that after spending time in Spain as a youngster, she became almost fluent in Spanish – and she wants her son to be too.

To achieve this, Sam’s hired a Spanish teacher, and has been getting Paul to watch cartoons in the language.

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Sam Faiers, Paul Knightley and baby Paul

Sam Faiers and boyfriend Paul Knightley welcomed their son last December

However, some viewers seemed a tad confused about why Sam would be encouraging Paul to pick up Spanish when he’s yet to master English.

Tweets included: ‘Sam Faiers getting a Spanish teacher in for her baby. Seriously? He can’t even talk yet!!’ and: ‘Sam Faiers’ 6 month old getting Spanish lessons, not to sure that’s going to work Sam hun ?.’

But Sam isn’t fazed by the criticism, hitting back on her page: ‘Baby Paul loves he’s Spanish lessons ??? so do I ? #spanishbaby #watchthisspace ?? [sic].’

And when a kinda follower wrote: ‘We know as languages teachers that the earlier the better for L2 acquisition; thought everyone knew!’ she agreed: ‘I know that’s why I’m starting him young. ???? people are just uneducated about it. Shame really xx.’

Who cares what others say, eh? You keep doing you, lady!