Why A Photo Of Sam Faiers’ Baby Son Has Caused A Debate

There’s no denying that Sam Faiers is a brilliant mum to her five-month-old son Paul Tony.

The ex-TOWIE lady, 25, and her partner Paul Knightley welcomed their little one back in December. And judging by her Instagram snaps, she’s one happy mummy.

But unfortunately, being a parent in the spotlight does come with its downfalls, which Sam learnt when she shared a snap of herself and her son enjoying a family hike last week.

> It was this photo that caused a stir on Instagram


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Sam ended up receiving some criticism from followers – and it was all down to the way she was holding her tot.

One comment read: ‘Hi Sam baby wearing is great! However baby can easily overheat and shouldn’t be in a pram suit as they are getting your body heat. Also baby shouldn’t be facing out till they are older x [sic].’

> Sam Faiers is clearly a devoted mummy


Another said: ‘It’s not the carrier that’s the problem, baby should be facing mummy, forward facing means their legs dangle and isn’t good for their hips.’

Hmmm. After this, a bit of a debate started raging between Sam’s fans.

> Sam Faiers and her partner Paul Knightley are enjoying parenthood


Others didn’t have a problem with the picture, with messages including: ‘Lovely pic. You put babies forward facing recommend from 5 months. He looks perfectly happy in his sling X,’ and: ‘I use to carry my son in his carrier like this at that and he is perfectly fine.’

There were also plenty of people who seemed pretty baffled by the conversation.



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One said: ‘Gosh people love a debate don’t they! She was only putting a happy pic up of her and her baby. Don’t think she was asking for any advice!’

A particularly incensed fan added: ‘My boy is a week older than Paul and if a complete stranger commented on anything I was doing with him I would tell them to mind their own business.

> What a cutie, eh?!


‘I don’t think Sam needs advice from strangers – Paul is nearly 5 months old so I’m sure she knows what she’s doing and she’s got her mum and sister for advice if she wants it.’

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