Sam Faiers Takes Baby Paul On First Family Holiday

Sam Faiers has taken her new family away on their first holiday, and her Instagram is filled with the most adorable snaps right now.

After giving birth four months ago, the former reality star has jetted off to Dubai along with her partner Paul Knightley and their little one, baby Paul.

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The mum-of-one seems really happy as she soaks up the sun


The popular TV personality seems to be enjoying herself, whilst giving fans a glimpse into her family life.

Sharing a photograph of herself holding her son in the Emirates lounge, fans were quick to point out that she seemed to be breastfeeding, although she covered Paul’s head with a blanket. 

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Of course, bubba may have been sleeping. But, the cover-up could have been a response to a few negative comments she received after posting a different (but equally beautiful) breastfeeding shot on Instagram just a week ago.  

Her fans were quick to draw the comparison, with comments including: ‘There’s really no need to cover up breastfeeding is beautiful’ and ‘I had to defend my partner many a time whilst breastfeeding due to narrow-minded people, theres no need to cover up as is a perfectly normal thing’ [sic].

We’re pleased to see so many positive and supportive comments. 

And we’re only a teeny bit jealous of all that sunshine…