Sam Faiers Reveals Why She Decided To Breastfeed Baby Paul On This Morning

Some people branded the move a 'publicity stunt', but the former TOWIE star has spoken out...

Samantha Faiers sparked quite a reaction when she appeared on This Morning on Wednesday.

Doing it for mums everywhere, the former TOWIE star made a huge parenting statement when she decided to nurse her son, baby Paul, during her interview segment.

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Well, if he’s hungry and it’s his breakfast time, why shouldn’t she?

Sam Faiers on This Morning

Sam Faiers has been praised for breastfeeding baby Paul live on This Morning

Viewers were quick to praise Sam’s openness, with one tweeting: ‘Its about time breastfeeding was praised and not looked down on well done to @SamanthaFaiers #ThisMorning.’

We couldn’t agree more.

Sam has now explained the reason behind her decision, hitting back at critics who have claimed that the whole thing might have been a ‘publicity stunt’.

Sam Faiers on This Morning

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She told OK! at the launch of her new YouTube channel: ‘Honestly we sat in the car for almost four hours. We went past three accidents and they had to keep pushing my slot back.

‘When I finally got there I was literally rushed through to the sofa.’

The mum-of-one continued, ‘The baby was asleep in the car and I knew he was going to be hungry. So right before we went live, Holly was like: “Just feed him if you want to feed him!”

Sam Faiers on This Morning

‘And then I went “okay, but do you have something you can cover with?” They have the kitchen on set so we just got a tea towel.’

Good for you, lady.

Touching on some of the negativity that came her way, Sam later added: ‘It was all fine in the end. But some people thought it was a publicity stunt.

‘When it’s live TV you can’t wait around. I sat there and I thought this is just going to be such a big thing. People are going to be really negative, it’s going to be a big thing.’

Thankfully, the positive response far outweighed any criticism.

The Mummy Diaries star reflected, ‘But I’m so happy people were so positive.’