Sam Faiers’ Boyfriend Fails To Impress After *That* Spa Scene In The Mummy Diaries

After being criticised for acting like a 'child' in the last series, Sam's boyfriend Paul has got a big reaction on Twitter after the debut episode of Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries...

Sam Faiers and baby Paul returned to our screens last night in the brand new Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries.

The new series sees Sam enjoying life as a new mum with her six-month-old baby, as well as plenty of appearances from boyfriend Paul, his mum Gaynor, and Sam’s family.

But whilst Sam was praised for how ah-mazing she looks as a new mum, and how well she seemed to be settling into motherhood, some viewers had a slightly different opinion on boyfriend Paul.

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Last series, Paul got a bit of slack for his behaviour, with some branding him ‘lazy’ and a ‘controlling man child’. But Sam stated her excitement over him returning for the new series.

‘He comes into his own which is great’, she told Mail Online. ‘I still take the blame for (the reaction). He’d never done TV, it’s not his world. He couldn’t relax or be himself. He’s much more chilled out.’

But despite Sam’s high hopes for her man, Paul was slammed after last night’s episode, particularly after one scene at the spa…

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Sam decided to take Paul on a spa visit in order to enjoy some relaxation time as a couple, but viewers were left outrageous when Paul seemed more interested in going off on his own than speaking to Sam.

Paul opted for a manicure while Sam enjoyed a foot massage, and when she later decided to ask him about their future, how many kids they might like, and whether or not that should start looking for a new house, Paul totally ignored her.


More scenes then showed Paul not holding the door open for Sam and watching the football on the sofa whilst she attempted to pack for her and baby Paul’s holiday upstairs.

And women on Twitter were incensed.

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‘Watching Sam Faiers bab dairies again and still think her boyfriend is a controlling weirdo regardless of how the programme was edited’, one slammed.

‘Just saw sam faiers’ #mummydiaries & i just have to say that her boyfriend is such a lazy and controlling wimp! cares more about his own mum’, tweeted another.

‘I actually can’t stand Sam Faiers boyfriend. Watching the baby diaries 1st episode and he’s just such a child’, said a third.

Sam’s partner Paul raised eyebrows over *this* kiss on the lips with his mum… Sam’s partner Paul raised eyebrows over *this* kiss on the lips with his mum…

Sam’s partner Paul raised eyebrows over *this* kiss on the lips with his mum…
Sam’s partner Paul raised eyebrows over *this* kiss on the lips with his mum…

Paul also faced controversy last series when him and mum Gaynor shared a kiss on the run-up to Christmas.

And now, Paul’s finally spoken out about it, saying on last night’s show:I think people just took it and got very opinionated with the whole thing. It’s part and parcel of being in the spotlight. People poke holes in everything’, he said.

‘I don’t know what it is, someone points a camera at you and you feel like you start acting differently straight away. It’s not my world but everything you do you learn from and take out of it what you can.’