Sam Faiers On Why They Kept That Scene With Baby Paul’s Nanny Gaynor

The Mummy Diaries star has spoken out after online criticism was aimed at Paul Knightley's mum Gaynor...

The Mummy Diaries kicked off with its first episode last week, and it sparked quite the reaction on social media.

We were happy to have Samantha Faiers back on our screens, along with the adorable Baby Paul. It’s become pretty clear that the former TOWIE star has embraced motherhood, and is doing a fine job of juggling her career with her new role as a mum.

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Sam Faiers and baby Paul

But there was one particular part of the new ITVBe series that became a talking point online. Sadly, Sam’s partner Paul’s mum Gaynor was branded ‘overbearing’ for a few of the comments she made about her Grandson.

Samantha has now broken her silence on the scene that gained the most criticism. We’re talking about the footage which showed Gaynor welling up over her ‘best friend’ Baby Paul.

Sam Faiers and Gaynor on The Mummy Diaries

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In the scene, Gaynor told the camera: ‘I’m crazy about him, oh I’m madly in love with him. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

‘We do everything together. Two days, three days is the most I can go without seeing all of them, really… He’s my best friend.’

Sam Faiers Gaynor

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The Sun Online asked Sam how Gaynor felt about the moment being included in the show.

The 25-year-old explained, ‘She was OK.

‘She knew that was a really important scene for me as it shows the bond between her and her grandson for the first time.’

Samantha continued: ‘I said to her, “[The producers] really want to use it, it’s a really nice scene, do you mind?” And she was like, “No, it’s OK.”

‘She watched it for the for this first time on Wednesday and she actually really liked it.’

We’re pleased to hear it.

Paul Knightley and his mum

Paul Knightley and his mum Gaynor were criticised for their kiss on Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries

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Of course, Samantha’s new family are still getting used to the idea of being on television.

‘Paul just laughs but Gaynor is like, “Oh my god” because when you watch yourself on TV you just pick everything out, even I still do it,’ she also told The Sun.

Well, we can’t wait for the next episode to air this week.