Parents Aren’t Impressed With Sam Faiers’ Modelling Decision

Sam Faiers has come under fire for her parenting technique – again.

Being a celebrity comes with its problems, but being trolled because of how you choose to parent your child must be one of the worse parts of being a person in the spotlight.

The former TOWIE star has previously been criticised for choosing to breastfeed in public, as well as for holding her child in his baby sling a certain way (we know, ridiculous). But now, the trolls are turning their attentions to Sam’s latest Instagram snap.

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The mum-of-one shared a photo of Paul on a modelling shoot, writing: ‘My baby on his casting today  #proudmama.’

In the photo, Paul looks adorable in a blue and white top as he sits on the floor staring at the photographer.

However, comments soon flooded in from fellow parents, who disagreed with Sam’s decision to let her baby model.


‘Can’t you let him be a child for 5 minutes without reality TV and shoots? Unfollowing’, slammed one.

‘I’m sure he would rather be at home playing with his his toys than on some daft photoshoot’, another commented.

However, some were simply curious, and wanted to know how to get their own children into the industry.

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‘Ah so cute, what agency is baby Paul with Hun? I want to put my boy in for modelling but don’t want to just pick anyone’, asked another.

We say each to their own – with a baby as cute as him, we can totally see why Sam plumped for putting him infront of the camera. Thoughts?