Sam Faiers Hits Back At Criticism Of Her Baby Boy’s Name

We think it’s safe to say that Sam Faiers‘ son is one of the cutest babies we’ve EVER seen.

The ex-TOWIE lady gave birth to her little boy on 29 December, and shared an adorable throwback snap of her partner Paul Knightley giving him a loving kiss last night.

She captioned the image: ‘Just a few hours old. our beautiful baby … Look at those lips. we can’t help but just kiss him all the time.’ Aw. How adorable?!

Sam Faiers' baby Paul Tony Paul Knightley and Sam Faiers are besotted with their little boy


Yesterday was actually quite a milestone for Sam – she and Paul officially announced their bubba’s name!

And it’s… *drum roll* Paul Tony.

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Sam Faiers' baby Paul Tony Sam Faiers announced Paul’s birth with an adorable black and white shot


Paul is (obviously) in honour of his dad, while Tony is the name of his uncle. Which is a pretty lovely sentiment, right?

But unfortunately for Sam, she ended up receiving some cruel Instagram comments from followers who weren’t so keen on the moniker. Harsh.

One wrote: ‘paul? Really?’ while another swiped: ‘Sounds like a Basildon nightclub doorman! Lol.paul?’

Sam Faiers Sam Faiers hit back at cruel Instagram users


Understandably, this must’ve been somewhat hurtful for Sam. However, the 25-year-old hit back in the classiest way.

She screengrabbed a kind message she’d received from a fan and re-posted it to her page, saying: ‘Couldn’t have put this in better words myself. Thank you x.’

The note read: ‘I actually cannot believe the comments on here i wonder if any of them have children of their own? [sic].


Sam Faiers' Instagram Sam Faiers posted this supportive comment to Instagram


‘I wonder if they know what it feels like to carry a child for 9months go through labor be blessed with a healthy child and have the honor of calling him after his father…

‘And all they can think of is oh no paul?!! I think its beautiful and is a real display of love on ur behalf for ur partner.’

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Sam Faiers' baby Paul Tony Sam Faiers is a proud mama


You tell ’em, lady. Because whose business is it anyway?!