Sam Faiers Talks About Post-Baby Body Confidence

Sam Faiers only gave birth in December, but just a few months later, she says she’s feeling healthier and more confident than ever.

The former TOWIE star agained around two stone whilst pregnant with baby Paul, but after giving birth, she admitted that she wasn’t in any hurry to return to her former shape.

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sam faiers Sam says she’s happy to be back in her pre-baby jeans…


But the 25-year-old has now revealed that just four months later, she’s feeling pretty blimmin’ sexy. (And she’s looking it, too!)

‘My body isn’t exactly the same as before I had Paul and it feels strange being back in a bikini,’ Sam told Closer in a new interview. ‘But I’m feeling really confident about my figure and I’m proud of myself.

Revealing that she’s back in her size 8 jeans, Faiers explained that the processes of motherhood have actually helped her to feel happy with her body. 

sam faiers Sam’s looking happier and healthier than ever… Hot mama!


‘My abs aren’t back to how they used to be but my tummy has gone down a lot and I think the breast-feeding has helped with that’, she said.

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease back in 2014, the reality TV star had to totally re-examine her lifestyle, and entered into a new healthy eating and exercise plan. 

And post-birth, it sounds like she’s keeping it up.

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sam faiers Sam says she’s feeling confident with her body since giving birth…


‘I’ve not put any pressure on myself to get back into shape,’ the mum-of-one added. ‘But I’m eating really healthily to make sure I’m passing on the best possible nutrients to Paul, so I think that’s helped.’

Whatever she’s doing, she’s looking great. But even more importantly, Sam seems totally smitten with her new addition to the family, and has taken to motherhood like a total pro.

Go, lady!

sam faiers Sam gave birth to baby Paul back in December…