People Are Losing Their Minds Over Kim Kardashian’s Latest Video Of Saint West

Because it's just ridiculously adorable, okay?!

The last time we properly saw Saint West, he looked a *lil’* something like this…

Yep, teeny tiny.

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So, almost a month later, Kimmy has decided it’s high time we catch another rare glimpse of her seven-month-old son. How ridiculously cute is this?!

Saint West screenshot

Yesterday, Kimmy took to Snapchat to share an incredibly rare video of Saint- after having made an equally as rare public appearance at his great grandmothers birthday party. And there was one major thing everyone noticed – how big does he look all of a sudden?!

During the very brief Snapchat video, Saint giggles at the camera from his baby stroller. And, despite the video being no longer than a mere matter of seconds, this did nothing to falter the pretty *massive* reaction the tot received from some of his first public appearances…

One Twitter user shared their comparison of Saint and the angel emoji… Oh, what a cherub.

Another user shared, ‘Saint West is more beautiful than I will ever be, and he’s only 7 months old’. Sadly, we couldn’t agree more.

Sharing the video, one Twitter user has noticed a little similarity between Saint and his father- writing ‘Saint West was happy then he saw the camera and stopped smiling. Kanye Moment’. Yep, we’re seeing the comparison…

It’s been a pretty big week for lil’ Saint. Not only has he managed to whip the media up into a frenzy over how super cute he is, but he’s also said his very first word.

And, despite popular belief, his first word was *not* ‘fleek’. Weird, right?!

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Speaking to PEOPLE whilst on a night out in Las Vegas this weekend, Kimmy shared ‘[Saint] said ‘Dada’ today, three times and I was like ‘what?’… Kanye was so excited. He was like ‘I told him to say that.’ I was like, ‘I just really wanted him to say ‘Momma first’.

Hey Kimmy- don’t leave it so long next time!

Alice Perry