Sad Dogs Outside Shops: The Instagram Account That’ll Have You Crying In Your Tea

Pictures of sad dogs outside shops? Oh no

We love a good animal Instagram account, but we weren’t prepared for this. Yes, Sad Dogs Outside Shops is our newest double-tap obsession, because we honestly can’t handle seeing pictures of pooches looking depressed.

We mean, check this lad out. Look at his little face. Actually can’t deal.

Now, we all know the score when walking Rover. Sometimes, an impromptu detour via the newsagents and/or Tesco Metro is called for, right? You’ve run out of loo roll/are craving beef Monster Munch/need to top up the electric – whatever the reason may be, you’ve found yourself in the situation where you need to tie pup up outside the shop.

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It’s not like you’re leaving him forever. You’re only popping in for a tic. Then you start flicking through the gossip magazines. ‘Oh, maybe I’ll get a roll from the deli counter. No actually, let’s look at what’s been reduced in the chiller cabinets.’

And then: ‘Oh hey neighbour, let’s chat for ten minutes about random rubbish that I don’t really care about. Ooh, let’s buy a scratch card (and do it on the counter).’

You’ve been faffing around in the shop for at least half an hour at this stage.

And then, you come back to this.

Or this.

Oh dear lord, could you even sleep at night if your dog looked at you like this?!

It’s official. You, are scum.

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Sad Dogs Outside Shops (Instagram, and Facebook) was created by an Irish chap named Andy, who has been posting pics of disgruntled pups for the last few years. He told Mashable:

‘I’ve always loved dogs and liked to pet them to cheer them up a bit so when I saw them and I thought other people would get a kick out of seeing them online too.’


Since creating the accounts, Andy has received pic submissions from UK, Canada, Spain, and the USA.  Dogs looking a bit sad while their owners shop is evidently, a worldwide phenomenon.

Poor pooches. We just want to give them a cuddle. Just take a look at this guy.

*Weeps into our desk sandwich*