X Factor’s Saara Aalto Shares Her View On Sharon Osbourne Being ‘Drunk’

Saara Aalto has rushed to the defence of her former X Factor mentor, saying Sharon was simply 'jet-lagged'...

Saara Aalto has rushed to her X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne’s defence after the judge was criticised for appearing ‘drunk’ on air.

During the live shows, tonnes of people rushed to Twitter to comment that Sharon appeared to have been drinking backstage due to her OTT behaviour.

However, Saara, who spent plenty of time hanging with Mrs O behind-the-scenes, insists she was doing nothing of the sort.

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‘No way was she drunk’, she told Mail Online. ‘Probably jet-lagged. She came from LA every week and I don’t know how she did that! I would be exhausted.’

‘She was always so nice to me and when we spoke face-to-face she was very sharp and always knew my name I think it was also part of the entertainment and being funny and her great sense of humour’, she added.

Sharon herself also rejected the rumours at the time, which first came around when she continuously forgot her act Saara’s name.

Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne

Sharon often forgot Saara’s name when introducing her…

‘I just don’t get why somebody would say, “You must be drunk because you’re laughing and acting stupid and getting names wrong,” she told The Mirror before the final.

‘I just don’t get what is wrong to be a bit of an airhead and enjoy what you do and have a laugh… Give us a break!’

Ahh. We miss you, Shazza.