The X Factor Comes Under Fire For ‘Hiding’ Saara Aalto’s Fiancée

The show's bosses have now been forced to deny leaving Meri Sopanen out of Saara's pre-performance VTs...

The X Factor bosses have denied ‘hiding’ finalist Saara Aalto’s fiancée.

The Finnish singer, 29, recently became engaged to girlfriend Meri Sopanen – but we never actually seem to see them together on screen. Hmm.

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I always love it when I get to spend some time with my love @merisopanen 💋 #saaraaalto #xfactor

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Recent pre-performance VTs have shown Saara and a pal – who she described as a ‘soul sister’ – head to a ski lodge for a pampering session.

She also visited London’s Finnish embassy to meet Santa Claus. However, Meri didn’t accompany her.

Fans are getting pretty confused by Meri’s apparent absence, with Tweets including: ‘Why hasn’t @saaraaalto girlfriend made an appearance in her VTs yet?#saaraaalto #SaaraToWin #XFactorLiveShows,’ and: ‘Why do they never show Saara with her girlfriend? Do they want to hide that side of her? 😠#Xfactor.’

Now the show has been forced to hit back, with an insider telling The Sun: ‘Saara is totally comfortable with her sexuality and has been very open about it in interviews and on social media but it isn’t a defining factor for her in The X Factor.

‘As with any other contestant, Saara’s sexuality isn’t relevant to her performances which are the main focus in the show.’

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Meri is often seen cheering on her lady in the audience, and the couple often post about each other on their social media accounts.

Just last week, Meri shared a snap of herself and Saara posing with her mentor Sharon Osbourne.

Saara and Meri got together two years ago, with Saara recently explaining: ‘I was in The Voice Of Finland in 2012 and my girlfriend – fiancée now – watched the show, liked me a lot and sent me a fan message through Facebook.

Me, @saaraaalto and @sharonosbourne 💖 #saaraaalto#sharonosbourne#xfactor

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‘She wrote: “I have never, ever sent a message like this to anybody, but I just had this intuition that I have to send this to you.”

‘I was like: “That’s so cute,” and thought: “What a nice-looking girl.”

‘Then, after a year, she actually came to my concert and we met. We started talking and realised we just shared the same view of life and everything.’

Aw. Congratulations, girls!