MIC’s Spencer Matthews Is Forgiven For Cheating On Ex

Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews can breathe a big sigh of relief, with news that the brother of his ex-girlfriend has decided to forgive his bad boy ways.

Not just ANY big brother, Spencer Pratt has spoken out about Stephanie Pratt’s relationship with the MIC heartbreaker. Ooh.

‘I feel like I clearly told my sister what type of reputation he had,’ Pratt told Digital Spy. ‘And when I introduced the two it was just for her to go enjoy a nice nightclub or go to a bar.’

Admitting he brought the would-be lovebirds together in London, he added: ‘I never suggested to her, ‘Oh, you should date this person’.’

Oops. But it looks like the Celebrity Big Brother star has no hard feelings towards Matthews: ‘I think he’s young and he’s king of fun and he’s on a hit TV show and he just got out of a dramatic relationship, so I think in a different time in their lives I think they’d be great for each other, but right now, he’s in the centre of all this heat.’

Well, he’s got that right.

Suggesting that he failed to see the moment Matthews’ cheating was revealed to Stephanie on the E4 show, Pratt added: ‘The show does not air over here and we can’t really get it on YouTube so I haven’t seen it, so there’s not enough material for me to be upset about.

‘[Stephanie] knew what she was getting into, so it’s hard for me to be too sympathetic.’

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are set to discuss their own time in the spotlight in Aftershock: Heidi & Spencer, which airs Sunday, January 5 on E!.

We wonder if Spencer Matthews will be tuning in?

By Jessica Bridgeman

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