Rylan Reveals A *Massive* Secret About Lillie Lexie Gregg’s CBB Visit…

Rylan just dropped a bombshell about Lillie Lexie Gregg's CBB appearance...

As tense TV moments go, this was definitely up there in the top ten.

We’re of course referring to last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, in which Bear was finally confronted by his ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg – after becoming romantically involved with Chloe Khan before her eyes.

Oh, and this all happened while he had a stack of doughnuts on his head. Because, this is Bear we’re talking about.

Lillie’s visit was a pretty hard watch, with the tearful Ex On The Beach gal telling Bear: ‘I’ve never experienced anything so difficult in my life. I’m so hurt that you could do that to me and my family’.

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After her appearance on the show, Lillie took to Twitter to share that going in the house was the ‘hardest decision’ she’s made.

And whilst most viewers felt Lillie’s pain, some were a little bit skeptical over what the motive for her appearance was. Boo!

However, BBBOTS presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has now revealed something we didn’t know about her visit to the house. And it certainly appears to prove that it was NOT for publicity (as some people have argued).

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Speaking on This Morning, Rylan shared that Lillie really didn’t want to confront Bear on the show – confessing ‘we found it very very hard to even get her’.

Rylan added, ‘We wanted to get her in [the show] even earlier because we were going to do this task a little bit sooner, but she just said, “I can’t do it, I’m absolutely gutted.”‘

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Yup, it’s not just you – our hearts are hurting too.

In fact, for any naysayers still thinking it *could* have been a fix, Rylan also revealed that Lillie had decided to pull out of the This Morning appearance last minute due to not wanting to speak about Bear.

The BBBOTS presenter explained, ‘I think she was supposed to be coming in today to talk about it and she hasn’t done that’.

We’re sending big love to Lillie!

Alice Perry