Something Horrid Has Happened To Rylan Clark-Neal On Twitter

After becoming the subject of some nasty social media trolling, the TV presenter seems to have 'quit' Twitter...

We find it pretty hard to get our heads around the fact that anyone would have a bad word to say about Rylan Clark-Neal. We mean, we’re not exactly hesitant to admit that he’s one of our favourite faces of daytime television.

But we’re sad to report that the 28-year-old has been facing some pretty nasty comments on social media. So much so, in fact, that he seems to have quit his own Twitter account.

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So, what’s been going on exactly?

Well, it’s got everything to do with his latest TV venture, Babushka.

Apparently, fans of The Chase, fronted by Bradley Walsh, have been left very unhappy by the fact that Ry’s new show will be airing at 5pm throughout May instead.

BABUSHKA starts Monday 1st May at 5pm on ITV

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Despite the fact that Rylan, who also hosts a showbiz slot on ITV’s This Morning, assured viewers that his new series was ‘not replacing’ their beloved game show, but was instead filling the slot during The Chase‘s annual break, he still seemed to experience a backlash.

Responding to the criticism, he reportedly tweeted: ‘FYI @Babushka is NOT replacing @ITVChase. The Chase is having a month break as normal and Babushka is filling that slot. Hope you like it x.’

Here it is! The BRAND NEW Babushka studio. Coming soon to @itv

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It seems as though this explanation didn’t silence the Twitter trolls, as the fun-loving presenter now seems to have removed his account from the world wide web.

Some eagle-eyed fans claim to have screen-shotted a tweet that showed Rylan announcing the move, with the words reading: ‘Getting a bit ridiculous now. Just doing my job. Coming off here for a while….’

Oh Ry 🙁

In fact, The Chase quizzer Anne Hegerty, known as ‘The Governess’, took to her own verified account to defend the CBB presenter. She hit out: ‘Rylan hasn’t done ANYTHING to deserve this except front a new gameshow we haven’t even see yet. Give him a chance.’

Hear, hear.