Rylan Clark Strips Naked For PETA: See The Pic!

Rylan Clark‘s done a Lauren Goodger and got his kit off for the brand new PETA campaign, which launches today.

The brand new Big Brother’s Bit On The Side co-host has got behind the charity’s anti-fur ad by posing naked with just a strategically-placed “no-fur” logo to cover his modesty. Taking to London’s Marble Arch this morning to launch the campaign, LOOK caught up with the shy and retiring former X Factor star to have a natter about the cause…

Who are you most hoping is looking at you naked and thinking very positive thoughts?

Rylan: As the ad says, I’m fur-free and proud – and I want the world to know it!  I want all of my fans to see the campaign and know that fur-free is the way to be.

LOOK: We know you love your fur, how long have you felt passionately about the cause?

Rylan: I find real fur really unattractive, i’m actually allergic to it anyway so I wouldn’t wear it anyway! I love to fake it. With all the faux fur options available today it just doesn’t make sense to me that any animal would suffer for my fashion!

LOOK: Was it nerve wracking stripping off for the lens?

Rylan: It was brill being able to bare my skin to save animal’s skin.  If it means that one less animal is going to be skinned alive for a bit of fur trim then it was all worth it!

All in the name of a good cause, right Ry?

By Robyn Munson

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