The Shock Love Island Exit No One Saw Coming

Viewers of Love Island sat through a hugely emotional (and shocking) episode last night.

As we know, last night, Caroline Flack revealed the results of the public vote, which was to vote for the couple they thought were best suited.

The two couples with the fewest votes were announced as Rachel and Rykard, and Zara and Dan.

The Love Islanders then had to pick one from each couple to leave the island, with the group deciding on Rachel and Dan.

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love island rykard and rachel Rykard then dramatically ‘quit’ after Rachel was voted off


However, then came the bombshell. Because a teary Rykard then dramatically announced he was QUITTING the island, as he simply could not stay without his partner, Rachel. NOOO.

Storming off down the beach in pursuit of Rachel, Rykard gave her a big hug as he announced he would be leaving with her, much to the shock of the group.

The show ended with us still not sure if Rykard will be returning to the villa or not – but not before host Caroline let Rachel in on his and Olivia’s little secret… Eep!

love island rachel Caroline later told Rachel the truth about Rykard and Olviia…


In the post-exit interview, Cazza told Rachel that her partner had slept with Olivia, ‘the night after you two were together in the hideaway.’

A visibly shocked Rachel couldn’t get over the bombshell, saying: ‘I cannot believe that. I did not think he was that type of person at all.’

‘I feel quite betrayed’, she continued. ‘I really do. I’ve been cheated on in the past and I’m not going to stand for it. I’m in shock.’

With the teaser clip showing Rykard and Rachel having a showdown afterwards, we can’t wait to see it all unfold tonight…