What *Actually* Happened With Love Island’s Rykard & Liv?

The biggest bombshell of last night’s Love Island came in the last few moments of the ITV2 show.

It’s safe to say that viewers were left shouting ‘whaaaaaat?’ at their TV screens. And we were right there with them.

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Miss GB (or, you know, Zara) made her attraction towards new arrival Adam perfectly clear (well, didn’t she?), but the scene was set for a messy love triangle when Olivia also told some of the islanders that she kinda fancied the Irish hunk too.

BUT. We should have known that a plot twist was on its way. Because, Love Island.

Poor Olivia has been pretty unlucky in love so far… 


Of course, Liv is still coupled with Rykard Jenkins, but just as friends. Right? Well, hold that thought. 

At the end of the night, the pair got into bed, because those the rules.

Then, all of a sudden, something started to happen under the covers… WE KNOW.

Rykard went on a date with Rachel… 

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To add to the drams, single girl Rachel Fenton – who went on a pretty steamy date with Rykard – was asleep right next to them. Awks.

We thought Rykard liked her too, but now we don’t know WHAT to think…

Oliv’ and Rykard pinky promised that they’d keep whatever happened between the sheets to themselves. But we can’t help but think that the silence won’t last too long…

It never does, does it?