Corrie’s Ryan Thomas Has Upset Fans With A Video Of His Daughter

Former Coronation Street star, and brother of I’m A Celebrity’s Adam, Ryan Thomas has found himself in hot water over a video that he posted to Snapchat.

The soap star filmed his 8-year-old daughter as she showcased her singing talents. So far so innocent, right?

Well, it’s a little more controversial than a simple (but adorable) father/daughter moment, considering that he appeared to be driving his car at the time.


With his daughter reportedly sitting next to him in the passenger’s seat, Ryan shared the family moment with his social media followers.

But charity Brake, who campaign for road safety, have spoken out to condemn his actions. The organisation have said that his behaviour behind the wheel was ‘dangerous’, and that he’s setting a bad example for his fans.

When you're not in the mood to stand in the freezing cold and watch your daughter ice-skate! ❄️⛸

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According to The Sun, a spokesperson said, ‘Using your phone while driving is so dangerous.

‘It is estimated that one in five crashes are caused by drivers being distracted. Ryan should be setting a better example to his daughter – and his fans.’

According to The Mirror, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, who’s been cracking down on the use of phones on the road, has previously stated that ‘Parents would never drink and drive with their children in the car, so they should never use a mobile when driving.

‘The consequences of using a mobile while behind the wheel are huge and can lead to people being seriously injured or killed. It leaves families devastated and we must stop it now.’