Ryan Thomas On Why He’s Leaving Coronation Street

Guys, it’s happening. Ryan Thomas is leaving Coronation Street.

Yep. After 16 years on the cobbles (can you BELIEVE it?!), the 32-year-old is bidding adieu to his character Jason Grimshaw. *Sobs*.

So why has Ryan decided to quit the soap? Well, it was actually all down to one of his co-stars.

Terence Maynard helped inspire Ryan Thomas’s decision


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If you’re a Corrie fan, you’ll remember Terence Maynard. He played Ryan’s on-screen father Tony Stewart, and made his exit back in November.

Ryan’s explained that it was Terence who inspired him, telling OK!: ‘One of the main reasons it came around is probably a lot to do with Tez, who plays my dad.

Ryan Thomas has been a Corrie lad since his teen years


‘I felt like I was working with a movie star and I was doing something that wasn’t Coronation Street when I was working with him. And I want a taste of something new and I want a different experience.

‘I feel like it’s a bubble, this show. It’s the best bubble in the world and I feel like now is the time. It’s just time to pop that bubble, test myself and take myself out of my comfort zone a little bit.’

Despite being so sure it’s time for his Corrie journey to come to an end, Ryan’s still found filming his final scenes pretty emotional.

Jason Grimshaw has had some pretty dramatic storylines over the years


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He continues: ‘I’ve cried twice. The first time was when I picked up the script, and that caught me off guard. It was the first time it hit me, and the first time I realised I was leaving.

‘I looked at Sue [Cleaver, who plays his mum Eileen] and just – I’m getting a little tingle of it now – goose pimples… I grew up with these people so it’s real. I was even saying: “Have we overplayed this?”

Things got emosh in Ryan Thomas and Sue Cleaver’s final scenes together


‘I’ve learned so much from them. I’ve grabbed a little bit from all of them. I will take that with me on the next part of the journey.’

Aw. Good luck, Ryan!