How Many People Bought Taylor Swift’s 4th July Swimsuit?!

So basically, Taylor Swift‘s 4th July party looked like the most fun EVER.

The 26-year-old celebrated Independence Day with a US flag-themed bash, inviting A-list pals including Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Ruby Rose.

Taking place by the sea, there were fireworks, a ha-uuuge water slide and (of course) some very cool red white and blue swimwear choices.

But things went a little further than that. According to Lyst, the designer of said swimsuits Solid & Striped has since seen a 365% spike in page views, with 43,000+ views within 24 hours of the party. WOAH. Sadly, the pieces Taylor, Cara and Gigi wore have already sold out (obvs) and the same can’t be said for Tom Hiddleston’s I



See: Tom Hiddleston’s “I

As for the party, partners were invited too, with Blake bringing hubby Ryan Reynolds and T-Swizzle spending time with new man Tom Hiddleston. Ooh.

Tay-Tay had also brought along some of her childhood mates, including school pal Brit LaManna and her husband Ben.

> Taylor Swift had invited her girl squad to her 4th July bash




It was actually Brit who shared the most talked-about photo from the soirée. She took to Instagram to post a snap of herself with Ben, Blake and Ryan and Taylor and Tom.

Each lady was sitting on her other half’s lap. Brit and Ben were smiling happily into the camera, while Tom and Taylor put on a major PDA with a loved-up gaze.

But wait… um, what’s with Ryan’s face?! The 39-year-old actor didn’t exactly look like he was feeling the situation, with his eyes gazing out elsewhere.

> Oh, Ryan Reynolds…


Of course, fans couldn’t help commenting on this far-away stare.

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Messages included: ‘Poor Ryan. Dude looks like he really doesn’t want to be there,’ ‘Ryan Reynolds, looking like he’s dying inside, is all of us,’ and: ‘Behold Ryan Reynolds regretting every life choice.’



Lolz. Okay, so Ryan’s expression is pretty funny. But we’re sure he just wasn’t ready to be snapped.

Also, we just need to point out Hiddleswift’s matching espadrilles. Did they buy them together? Was it planned?! We need to know.

We’ll keep you updated…