Ryan Gosling Tipped For New Star Wars Movie Role?

Ryan Gosling is rumoured to be starring in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII movie alongside fellow Hollywood hotty Zac Efron. What a stupidly sexy Star Wars man sandwich that would be. Anyone else suddenly very interested in Luke and that lightsaber of his?

According to Latino Review, the two A-list actors were spotted attending meetings with Star Wars movie creators Lucasfilm last week, with Gosling said to be in the running to play the son of Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the epic film franchise.

It’s not clear what role 25-year-old Zac is in talks to play, but we hope it involves a skin-tight space suit and plenty of action man stunts…

There have also been whispers this week that Ryan could be taking on the role of Batman for the upcoming Batman Versus Superman movie. But with Star Wars and the Man of Steel sequel set for release at similar times, it’s unlikely that the Drive actor will be taking up both offers…

The Star Wars filming is set to start at London’s Pinewood studios next year, so we’re praying he shuns the Batmobile and opts for outer space instead.

RyZac on our doorstep? For months and months on end? It’s the stuff DREAMS are made of.

By Robyn Munson

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