Ryan gets down to his undies in the deleted scene

Ryan Gosling Strips Down To His Pants In Deleted Scene: WATCH

Ryan Gosling getting his kit off is up there with one of our most favourite things in life. Ever. So when we stumbled across this deleted scene from the 32-year-old Canadian dreamboat’s latest flick The Place Beyond The Pines which shows Ryan stripping down to a tiny pair of tight blue pants, we knew we had to share.

In the clip released by TotalFilm, a seriously buffed up RyGo is seen being led to prison where his law-breaking character Luke is ordered to remove his clothes.”I’m going to have to have you take your shirt off”, commands the prison guard, who now deserves a medal for his generous contribution to femalekind. 

A miffed looking Ryan is seen reluctantly taking his t-shirt off before stepping out of his jeans. What happens next, we don’t even have words for. But let’s just say those boxer briefs look like they’re struggling to contain what lies beneath, and that girlfriend Eva Mendes is one seriously lucky girl. Ahem.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to make our oestrogen levels erupt, he also holds a baby. While director Derek Cianfrance must have had his reasons for cutting this scene, we’re struggling to find one…

Scroll to 2:32 in the clip below for eternal happiness (aka. Gosling stripping down to his smalls).

By Robyn Munson

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