Ryan Gosling Says His Mum Wore Eva Mendes’ Dress To Premiere!

Ryan Gosling became our perfect man yesterday when he opted to take his dear old mum Donna Gosling to the LA premiere of Gangster Squad, instead of his girlfriend Eva Mendes.

But just when we were wondering if Ryan and Eva were on the rocks, the actor has gone and revealed that his mum was wearing Eva’s clothes on the red carpet.

Gorgeous Ryan told E! That his mum was wearing “all his girlfriend’s clothes”. The actress, who has been dating Ryan for over a year, had lent Ryan’s mum a silver paisley coat and black ruched dress. Talk about brownie points!

His mum Donna added: “I’m wearing Eva Mendes. She let me raid her closet.”

No wonder Eva didn’t rock up to the premiere. She didn’t have anything to wear! RM