Ryan Gosling Plays Bad Boy Boxer In Only God Forgives – Out Today!

Ryan Gosling‘s smouldering face is back on our big screens again (woohoo!) as he stars in super-violent thriller Only God Forgives, which hit cinemas today.

Showing off his swish martial arts skills and bulging biceps, the Canadian hearthrob plays a US expat running a boxing club in Thailand which acts as a cover for a deadly drug smuggling operation. Kind of sexy, right?

And we’re already squealing with excitement at the thought of seeing the hunky star super-sized after the 32-year-old stepped out for the film’s premiere a few weeks back looking his usual suave self. Talk about trying to get our RyGo fix before he takes a break from acting. Sob.

Rumours may have surfaced that our favourite film hunk was set to star in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII movie, but our hopes were dashed as Ry’s rep was quick to close the whisper down. Looks like this may be the last time we’ll be seeing him for a while, ladies. So as this is a bit of a man-related milestone, we thought what better way to mark the event than with as many hot pictures of him as possible. It’s only natural that we cram in as much Ryan-loving as we can before the jammy Eva Mendes gets him all to herself, no?

Flick through our 50 top Ryan Gosling pictures and quotes for a quick hit of Ry before you indulge in some silver screen perving this weekend. We might have to frame his handsome film poster too – a girl needs something to keep her going throughout his hiatus! Feel free to do the same, it’s printer friendly…

By Claire Blackmore

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