Ryan Gosling: Happy 32nd Birthday – 50 HOT Pics & Quotes!

Ryan Gosling is 32 today, November 12th 2012, and we’re celebrating with some HOT pics and some intriguing quotes from the hunk himself.

Remember when he dated Sandra Bullock? How about when he and Rachel McAdams took their onscreen The Notebook romance off screen? Seen him hanging with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse Club set? Oh, we know you haven’t forgotten seeing him shirtless in Crazy Stupid Love

If you can take your eyes off the pics for just a second, you can read some quotes from the man himself, find out how his apartment’s decorated, why he thinks he’s two people, who the “great loves” of his life are, and what he’s obsessed with…

Alright, so maybe this is more a gift for ourselves than it is for Ryan, but we don’t think he’ll mind us indulging just this once…

Scroll down and click through the pics for LOTS of Ryan Gosling! BS