Why Ryan Gosling Wasn’t At The BAFTA Awards Last Night

The 36-year-old actor had to attend to a 'family matter' in LA

The BAFTAs was certainly one star-studded affair last night.

Everyone from Dev Patel to Meryl Streep and KATE MIDDLETON headed to London’s Royal Albert Hall to find out who’d scooped what at the annual film ceremony.

But there was one noticeable absence – Ryan Gosling.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the BAFTAs 2017

Kate Middleton attended the BAFTAs with Prince William (and looked AMAZING)

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Despite theĀ La La Land star being nominated for Best Actor In A Leading Role, he failed to turn up on the red carpet.

But there was actually a very good reason for Ryan’s no-show.

A spokesperson tells the Daily Mirror: ‘Unfortunately, Ryan had to stay in LA to attend to a family matter. He is regretful that he could not be here.’

Ryan Gosling is said to have 'flipped out' after a photographer called Eva Mendes 'baby'

Ryan Gosling has two daughters with actress Eva Mendes

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It’s not clear exactly what this matter was, but it must have been fairly serious for Ryan, 36, to pull out at the last minute.

The BAFTAs are often seen as an early indicator for the Oscars, which are due to take place on 26 February and also feature Ryan as a Best Actor nominee.


La La Land (starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) won big last night

Ultimately, Ryan lost out to Casey Affleck for the BAFTA. But La La Land itself had a very successful evening.

Damien Chazelle picked up the gong for Best Director, and the movie also scooped Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Original Music.

Ryan’s co-star Emma Stone won Best Actress, and gave him a cute shout-out in her acceptance speech.

Emma Stone gave Ryan Gosling a shout-out in her acceptance speech

The 28-year-old said: ‘This is an unbelievable honour. Thank you BAFTA.

‘One of the greatest parts about tonight is sitting with all of these incredible people that made this film. We became such a family. [Ryan] elevates everything he touches.’

ADORABLE. We hope everything’s okay at home, Ryan.