Ruth Gibbins Defends Cheryl’s Wedding Guest Dress

In case you’ve been in outer space for the past few days (Tim Peake, we’ll forgive you), you’ll know that Cheryl recently broke the internet with, er, a wedding guest dress.

The 32-year-old and her boyfriend Liam Payne were in Wolverhampton last weekend, where they saw his older sister Ruth tie the knot with her long-term love Thomas Gibbins.

All very sweet, right? But unfortunately for Chezza, there was one thing about her appearance at the ceremony that some weren’t so impressed with.

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This is the Rick Owens number that Cheryl had opted for


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What was that? Well, it was her outfit. She’d opted for a grey Rick Owens dress and a pair of black Saint Laurent platforms.

Now, there’s no denying that Cheryl had made an effort. We mean, the dress cost £1090 alone. And if anyone can pull off a super-simple frock like that, it’s her.

Cheryl and Liam Payne are looking more loved-up than ever


Apparently she went low-key to avoid upstaging the bride, but some thought she’d gone a little too plain. Hmmm.

Now Ruth has spoken out about the speculation, taking to Twitter to write: ‘Did something i shouldnt and read comments on online articles about my wedding. What a sad world we live in where people tear strips off others for no reason.

‘I had no say over what any guest wore to my wedding, i dont know who does have a say but considering my brothers girlfriend is one of the most beautiful women in the world she can wear anything and still look stunning as she did at my wedding [sic].’

Ruth Gibbins and new hubby Thomas made a beautiful couple on their big day


Well said, Ruth. But sadly, it wasn’t only Cheryl’s gown that sparked a negative reaction. For some reason, people also thought it was acceptable to body shame the bride in her wedding dress. *Sigh*.

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She continued: ‘I loved my wedding dress, i felt like a princess, i also lost 3st to feel as beautiful as i did in it, that was hard work when im a naturally chunky girl, not everyone needs to be a size 10 to get married.

Ruth Gibbins had chosen a princess-style tiered gown


‘There’s enough hate in the world without people writing nasty stuff about people they dont know.

‘Sorry but had to say something, im just a normal girl who married my childhood sweetheart in my dream wedding.’

And you looked stunning doing it, lady. Good on you for telling the haters where to stick it.